Company Overview

Skurups Sparbank has a business volume of USD 1.7 billion, 40 employees and operates in southwest of Skåne. For 140 years, Skurups Sparbank has been part of the local community by investing and working close to the local market and their customers.

Skurups Sparbank Sustainability Strategy

Skurups Sparbank’s sustainability strategy is based on the Bank’s business concept, mission, values and origins.

The savings banks were founded with the aim of creating a sustainable economy for all and at the same time contributing to the development of the area in which they operate. In Skurups Sparbank, this has been the driving force since its inception in 1881. The Bank sees their greatest potential in social and economic sustainability.

As a local savings bank, Skurups Sparbank has a key role to play in enabling and accelerating development into a more sustainable society. The Bank seeks to build a better and more sustainable future through their customers and employees, by including sustainability in all processes and making it a natural part of the Bank’s operations.

Skurups Sparbank’s sustainability work is based on three main perspectives.

  • Economic sustainability: The Bank promotes a healthy and sustainable economy.
  • Social sustainability: The Bank contributes to their area of activity developing, and remains a living and interesting place to live and work in.
  • Ecological sustainability: The Bank contributes to a sustainable use of the earth’s finite resources.

As a support in the Bank’s sustainability work, Skurups Sparbank uses the UN’s global goals in Agenda 2030.