The bank’s sustainability strategy is based on the bank’s vision, business concept and values. Sparbanken Bergslagen AB enables people, companies and communities grow. The bank strives to do this in a way that is sustainable in the long run. Sustainability is the most important issue of our time and a paradigm shift in how we take care of our planet. The financial system has a key role to play in enabling and accelerating the transformation needed in society, where customers and society as a whole provide increased responsibility for companies to go first in the transition to a more sustainable society. The local anchoring is the basis of the Sparbanken Bergslagen AB’s business, the Bank is completely dependent on how the local community feels and develops. Sparbanken Bergslagen AB has a strong commitment to contribute to a healthy and sustainable development for its customers, employees, and society at large. Therefore, the sustainability aspects are integrated in the Bank’s business. Only in this way can it build long-term financial value, and promote a healthy, sustainable financial situation for many households and companies in its area of operation.

The starting point is that Sparbanken Bergslagen AB must create a positive impact through its operations. The UN’s Global Goals – The Sustainable Development Goals – will guide the Bank’s work and how it demonstrates the impact of its activities through 2030 by enabling people and companies make sustainable choices (e.g. green bonds, financing of sustainable real estate and renewable energy, and sustainable funds). Through careful management of the sustainability-related risks and opportunities in its business, Sparbanken Bergslagen AB will together build a better future through its customers. Sparbanken Bergslagen AB integrates ethical, social, environmental risks and financial considerations into all business decisions, operations and business development. The Bank’s goal is to follow the ten principles that make up the UN Global Compact, a framework for companies that clarifies the basic principles that must guide long-term sustainable growth. This means the Bank takes extensive sustainability responsibility.

Sparbanken Bergslagen AB’s success and ability to remain profitable and relevant depends on long-term prosperity in its local and global society. The Bank believes that only in an inclusive society based on human dignity, equality and sustainable use of natural resources can its customers and companies develop. Sparbanken Bergslagen AB therefore wants to take an active role and use its products, services and relationships to support and accelerate the fundamental changes needed for the economy and our society. Then we can achieve common prosperity for both current and future generations.