Company Profile

Sompo Holdings, Inc. , hereafter, Sompo Holdings, traces its roots back to Japan’s first fire insurance company, established in 1888 with the aim of providing protection from the threat of fire in everyday life. Since then, Japanese society has changed due to the decline and aging of its population, climate change, and new conditions emerging as a result of technological innovation. In response, Sompo Holdings has helped tackle issues by passing down and putting into practice a philosophy focused on working for the well-being of people and society. In the coming era, Sompo Holdings continues taking on the challenge of new value creation in order to realize our vision of “A Theme Park for Security, Health & Well-being.”


Joining the NZIA and the PSI

For more than 20 years, the SOMPO Group has been creating value for society and enhancing its corporate value by deepening its commitment to sustainability through its participation in various sustainability Initiatives. We place great importance on dialogue with our stakeholders and recognize that participation in initiatives is a truly important and necessary action. Based on the same recognition, the SOMPO group has decided to join the PCAF and participate in the “Insured Associated Emissions Working Group” in collaboration with the NZIA since November 2021. Through the participation in the activities of the Working Group. We have decided to join the NZIA in order to fulfil our responsibilities as an insurance group, recognizing that it is very beneficial to have a dialogue with stakeholders, including global peer insurance companies that are driving the transition to a net-zero society.