Summary of sustainability strategy

Their banks sustainability strategy is based on their idea — to create and maintain sustainable and long-term relationships with customers, and also to help customers make sound and sustainable economic choices.

Thanks to their great work with corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Köping, Arboga and Kungsör (where their bank is operating) — both through sponsorships with local associations and through their economic contributions to local projects, they have a great influence on the development in their local society. They strive to work in the direction of the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN. For example, seven of the 17 goals are prioritized in their work with CSR, as they try to make as much difference locally as they possibly can.

Their sustainability strategy involve development of their products and services, their work with CSR, their suppliers, and the companies they choose to cooperate with and their internal work, for example how they choose to travel.