SpareBank 1 Østlandet is Norway’s fourth largest savings bank and has 170 years of history as a leading supplier of financial services to individuals, businesses, the public sectors and clubs and societies within the region.

Summary of sustainability strategy
In advance of the current strategy period, 2018-2021, efforts within corporate social responsibility, ethics, economic crime, responsible banking and investment was gathered together under the umbrella of sustainability. Group management has a firm commitment to this work. In the strategy for 2018-2021, sustainability was highlighted as one of six main goals:
By 2021 SpareBank 1 Østlandet should have established itself as a bank with a distinct sustainability profile.

The Bank’s ambition is to significantly enhance its positive impact while reducing its negative effect on people, the environment and society. In 2018, Group management adopted two main goals with subsidiary targets for sustainability:

They are drivers for sustainable development in their market area.
– They actively support the customer’s sustainability efforts and promote sustainable innovation externally.
– They offer sustainable products and services, and promote sustainable innovation in-house.
– They initiate and support good sustainability activities.

They consider sustainability in big and small decisions, making it an integral part of their business.
– All employees are aware of their commitment to sustainability.
– sustainability is a part of their work processes.
– They strive for openness and transparency in their work.

The main focus of the work is the Bank’s core business in the retail and corporate markets and asset management, but all of the Bank’s business areas are part of the initiative. Steering committees and working groups have been established and designated persons appointed in all relevant fields.