SPARKASSE BANK MAKEDONIJA Ad Skopje as a commercial bank, founded as a shareholding company on the 29th of December 1992, offers a wide range of banking products and services, intended for the support, development and financing of retail and corporate clients. As client-oriented, the Bank is present on the Macedonian financial market with 27 years of tradition and experience in the banking sector. With the transaction on the 10th of September 2008, more than 96% of the Bank’s ownership passed into the hands of Steiermärkische Sparkasse Group. During 2009, the Bank went through a transformation process according to the standards of Steiermärkische Sparkasse and Erste Group, which contributed in forming a modern way of organizing the Bank’s performances. Respecting all legal regulations in the state and the principles of the Bank’s business policy, she fulfilled the promises of her shareholders, providing entry of a known financial brand as Steiermärkische Sparkasse from Graz, Austria. The bank ended 2019 with assets of over 397.5 million Euros and nearly 60,000 active clients receiving top banking services in 26 most modern branches throughout North Macedonia.

Sparkasse Bank Makedonija Ad Skopje as part of Steiermärkische Sparkasse Group Austria is working on the implementation of environmental responsibilities and implementation of group-wide environmental strategy that aims at minimizing both its direct, and more important, its indirect ecological footprint.

Sparkasse Bank Makedonija follows the implementation of the already  established group strategy on the following principles:

  1. Implementation of environmental management system
  2. Implementation of supply chain management system for all products and services needed in the banking business
  3. Integration of environmental criteria into banking products and services
  4. Cooperation with NGO’s whose main goal is the protection of the environment

Sparkasse Bank Makedonija in every location and renovation of business premises, analyses the electricity consumption, locates the loss and replaces the old with new energy saving systems and optionally implements photovoltaic systems and solar energy for heating purposes. The Bank implements smart system for automatic management and control of electricity consumption in order to implement it in all branches and HQ building and maintain energy efficiency standards class (SEER) A++

Sparkasse Bank Makedonija confirms using “green” electricity from renewable energy sources. In cooperation with EBRD, in 2018 the Bank introduced two new product offers from energy savings programs, such as GEEF Program – Green Economy Financing Facility for the Western Balkans in North Macedonia. The Bank offers ECO loans aimed at the residential sector for green investments for procuring more than 1,000 items (technologies and suppliers) which are eligible for financing with the credit line, with opportunity to acquire grant up to 20% of the investment. The same ECO product was designed in cooperation with EVN Macedonia, with special offer for purchasing EVN’s solar systems with opportunity to acquire grant up to 15% of the total investment.

In 2019, the Bank extended the cooperation with EBRD in the corporate segment, under the Western Balkans SME Competitiveness Support Program, which with the support of the European Union (EU), provides medium and long-term financing to SMEs and helps them to become aligned with EU standards and requirements. The EBRD funds for Sparkasse Bank Makedonija were targeted specifically at upgrades of production facilities to improve the competitiveness of local companies, with at least 60% of the funds aimed at reducing energy and resource use and associated costs. SME sub-borrowers of the Bank that successfully complete their modernization projects to a specific EU standard will receive IPA grant funding from the EU in amount up to 15% from the total investment.

Sparkasse Bank Makedonija is one of the pioneers in the development of social responsibility projects in North Macedonia. As a part of a leading bank group in the Western Balkans, the Bank followed the best examples and practices from its mother bank – Steiermärkische Sparkasse AG Graz – and implemented the basics of responsible banking in its core strategy. The Bank will become even more successful in implementing these principles by following the UN Environment Programme’s Finance Initiative (UNEP FI).