Company Profile
Storebrand consists of three business areas: life insurance, asset management and banking, and offers a comprehensive range of products for private individuals, companies, municipalities and independent public sector entities. Storebrand has a leading position in the Norwegian market for long-term savings, principally through its strong position in the pensions market. The group also has a strong position in the life insurance market for companies and private individuals, offering life insurance and insurance in case of disability or illness. Storebrand’s business vision is to be the leading and most respected institution in the Norwegian market for long-term savings and life insurance.

Storebrand and Sustainability / CSR
Storebrand’s CSR activities combine environmental, social and financial targets recognising that our CSR responsibility involves taking into account everyone who is affected by Storebrand as a company – customers, shareholders, employees and society as a whole.

Our financial targets include aspects such as inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good, availability for customers and solid financial results. Moreover, as a knowledge-based company, Storebrand is committed to the personal development of its employees through targeted training and other measures. Our social targets include socially responsible investments (SRI), annual survey of employee satisfaction, low absence due to illness, membership in UNEP, WBCSD, the Global Compact and Transparency International and collaboration with the Norwegian charitable sector.

The financial and social implications of Storebrand’s business activities far exceed the direct environmental impact of the office space we occupy, but we are working to reduce waste, make efficient use of resources and reduce pollution.

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