Swedbank AB



Date joined:10 December, 1996
Initiatives:Net Zero Banking Alliance and Principles for Responsible Banking
Reports:Feb 21 Feb 22

Company Profile

Swedbank’s roots are firmly entrenched in Sweden’s savings bank history, the cooperative agricultural bank tradition, and Hansabank’s major role in the Baltic countries. With over seven million private customers and 620 000 corporate customers, it is the leading bank for the many households and businesses in its four home markets: Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Swedbank focuses on sustainable value creation for its stakeholders and aims for competitive return on invested capital, market leading cost efficiency, low risk, and an excellent customer experience, in combination with a strong commitment to sustainability. Shareholder value is created through long-term and profitable growth and efficiency. Swedbank values consistent profitability over fast growth since it creates stability and predictability for its customers and owners as well as society.

Furthermore, Swedbank’s strong commitment to sustainability is fundamental to our business. Swedbank supports the green transition in society by minimising its own carbon footprint and through investments, financing activities and services to customers.

Swedbank has signed the Science Based Target Initiative and the Net Zero Banking Alliance and thereby promised to align climate targets with the Paris agreement and the latest scientific research. Swedbank has also signed the UN Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) and the UN Global Compact and bases the sustainability work on the underlying conventions and declarations. Already in 2003 Swedbank was, as the only listed bank in Sweden, environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. In 2021, Swedbank was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the second year in a row, and the target is to continue being ranked and acknowledged as one of the world’s most sustainable companies within the financial sector.