Company Profile

The Shiga Bank’s principal activity, as a regional bank based in Shiga Prefecture, is the provision of a wide range of banking services. The bank works closely with the adjoining prefectures of Mie, Kyoto and Gifu, with a network of 115 branches, 22 sub-branches, two representative offices, one Hong Kong-based overseas branch and 11 domestic consolidated subsidiaries. Other activities include credit card, finance lease, investment and real estate management.


Shiga Bank & CSR

In its new business plan, which started in April 2004, the bank for the first time cited “fulfillment of corporate social responsibility(CSR)” as a clear objective in the plan. On April 1, Shiga bank set up an CSR Committee, headed by the bank’s president, and a subordinate CSR Subcommittee. To supervise all of their activities, a CSR Office was established. CSR is a bankwide commitment for the fulfillment of social responsibilities in the fields of the environment, welfare, and culture to customers, shareholders, local communities, employees, and all other stakeholders.

Guided by the Shiga Bank Environmental Policies, the bank has incorporated the environment into their management approach, with the aim of establishing a reputation as an “eco-clean” bank. To save resources and energy, they have adopted a “green purchasing policy.” Moreover, Shiga Bank acquired ISO 14001 certification for their environmental management systems, and were the first Japanese commercial bank to sign the Statement by Banks of the Environment and Sustainable Development, created by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

Shiga Bank & CSR on the web
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