Company Profile
As part of the overall mission of Triodos Bank, we seek to contribute to a society that is oriented towards people – a society that promotes the well-being of all its members, that respects human rights and cultural diversity, and that protects the environment and our natural heritage. Within this broader context, Triodos Research aims to help investors and companies to adopt and implement corporate sustainability and to promote corporate accountability and responsibility towards stakeholders.
Access to reliable information is a key prerequisite for various stakeholders to engage companies and to safeguard the quality of decisions. We therefore strive to:
* Provide high quality research and advisory services to help Triodos to develop sustainable investment products and to other institutional investors to sell the Triodos sustainable investment products or its investment universe.
* Promote a dialogue with companies on corporate sustainability, transparency and accountability.
* Advise and support various stakeholders in promoting corporate sustainability worldwide.
Provide sustainable investment opportunities to private individuals.

Triodos Bank & Sustainability
Triodos Bank is a pioneering force in the world of sustainable banking. It aims to help achieve a more decent, dignified and kinder society and a world that respects people, the environment and different cultures. Triodos Bank finances companies, institutions and projects that add cultural value and benefit people and the environment, with the support of depositors and investors who want to encourage the development of socially responsible and innovative business. Triodos Bank’s approach takes account of people, planet and profit to deliver a positive return over the long term. This social, ethical and financial approach is expressed in the Triodos name itself. Triodos – ‘tri hodos’ – is translated from the Greek as ‘three-way approach’. In essence, Triodos Bank aims to offer its customers both sustainable financial services and products and a good service.

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