Established as the first national bank of the Republic of Turkey, and heading towards celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2024, Işbank has been one of the prominent economic actors in the country with its support for economic development from past to present. Işbank leads the banking sector in Turkey with its products and services offered in the corporate, commercial, SME, retail and private banking segments. Işbank’s 24,053 employees serve approximately  19.5 million customers as of 2019 year-end. Işbank is the largest private bank in Turkey with its total asset size of TL 468.1 billion as of the end of 2019. With its 1,249 domestic branches, Işbank has the largest branch network among the private banks, and with its 6,506 Bankamatik (ATMs) in total, it has the largest Bankamatik network in the industry.

Işbank is an agile organization with a focus on the future, which is backed by its superiority in technology and innovation combined with its innovative vision. Işbank touches the lives of its millions of customers and its extensive service network and digital channels, constantly works to contribute to their welfare, and produces permanent value for its stakeholders.

Among the most prestigious  institutions of Turkey, Işbank formulates all of its strategic decisions and business processes with a long-reaching perspective. The Bank calls its powerful and productive business model “Işbank Banking”, which focuses on shareable and sustainable value. “Işbank Banking” lies in the foundation of Işbank’s sustainability approach. Işbank Banking is a business model that focuses on “shareable and sustainable value creation” by handling financial and non-financial capital elements in the bank together. Işbank targets to create value for all its stakeholders with this strong business model, both in the short run and in the long run. Called “Işbank Banking” and enabling integration of the Bank’s sustainability priorities into all decision making processes, this value creation model represents the sustainability concept of the Bank and the integration of sustainability into business processes.

Işbank creates value through a mix of opportunities offered by its robust structure, competent human resources, strong relations with its stakeholders, corporate knowledge, brand value identified with trust and reputation, widespread physical and digital service network, and responsible products and services. Işbank also matches the output of its value creation process with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to which the Bank contributes with its activities. Thus, the Bank integrates its concept of producing shareable and sustainable value with global goals.