Company Profile
Established in 1950, the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB) is Turkey’s first privately-owned investment and development bank.
An important brand in the areas of mid/long-term loans and project finance, TSKB serves its corporate clients with its variety of financial facilities ranging from financing of investment projects, privatization, initial public offerings, financial/strategic partnerships and valuation consultancy; while it reaches its corporate and individual client through its capital market intermediary and portfolio management products.
TSKB headquarters is located in Istanbul. The bank has two branches located in Ankara and Izmir.
TSKB is a pioneer in renewable energy, corporate lending and project financing loans. In the environment and renewable energy sectors, the bank ranks as number one in terms of number of projects financed in Turkey. TSKB which has integrated the environmental aspects of the companies and projects in which it invests, in its project appraisal activities as well as initiating environmental management systems regarding its activities is the first Turkish owned bank awarded with the ISO-14001 Certificate for Environmental Management System Standard. TSKB has won the “Sustainable Emerging Markets Bank of the Year-Eastern Europe” award in the event jointly organized by Financial Times and the International Finance Organization in 2008 and TSKB is the first and only Turkish bank to receive this award
TSKB & Sustainability
TSKB’s activities for sustainable banking are as follows:
• It has integrated environmental priorities in all policies and work processes. TSKB Environment Policy was prepared and approved in 2006.
• Dealing with environmental issues in the loan process dates back to the 1980’s. The bank takes pride in having approximately 30 years of knowledge and experience about environment issues.
• As it enhances its sensitivity in evaluating investment projects, it has also reached systematic and competitive levels.
• The Environment Management System was established in 2005.
• In 2007 TSKB became the first and only Turkish owned bank to obtain the ISO 14001 Environment Management Certificate.
• It has defined the internal and external environmental effects arising from its activities, and constantly tries to reduce them.
• TSKB designed a special tool called ERET-environmental risk evaluating tool- to allow an assessment of environmental as well as health and safety credit risks related to a certain client or a certain project for the lending activities of TSKB.
• TSKB is preparing its first sustainability report.
• TSKB has been calculating its carbon footprint generated by its activities since 2006.
• TSKB will increasingly continue to support sustainable development projects (hydroelectric, wind, geothermal and biomass, energy efficiency, investments to prevent all kinds of environmental pollution, technological investments to provide saving consumable resources, etc.) in order to leave a livable and sustainable life to the next generations.
• TSKB has also effectively integrated the concept of sustainable banking into its social responsibility projects and designed a comprehensive CSR project named ‘Environment: Our Priority’ with the aim of creating platforms to bring together all related segments concerned about the environment and supporting the positive and permanent behavioral changes in individuals of all ages through higher awareness and sense of ownership of nature. The portal was created as the communication channel of the project.
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