Brief Overview of Organization

With its origin in the Ghentian workers association of the interbellum, Flemish vdk bank has evolved in nearly 95 years to an all-round regional retail bank, active in payment solutions, savings and investment services, loan origination and underwriting. Bearing its roots in  mind, vdk bank strives for an inclusive way of banking, hereby welcoming all levels of society, with a strong focus on personal contact in a long term relationship with its clients.

With a broad but comprehensive product portfolio, vdk bank aims to offer high quality advisory and fair return for its clients. In its loan origination, vdk bank aims to uplift local communities and therefore supports anyone who partakes in this effort.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

In order to achieve its goal, vdk bank’s  sustainability strategy relies on two pillars:

  1. Being a sincere trustworthy partner for its clients in all matters of importance and in all stages of life.
  2. Being rigorous in its reinvestments, with a stringent ESG-screening procedure, banning harmful investments in terms of impact on human and labour rights, climate change and loss biodiversity and mal governance-practices reflecting in among others adverse impact on social inclusion.