Woori Financial Group began with Daehancheonil Bank established by native capital in 1899, and has provided the backbone for modern finance in Korea and led the financial history by becoming the first listed company in Korea and establishing the first overseas branch.

Today’s Woori Financial Group provides the best financial services based on a network of around 1,000 domestic branches of Woori Bank, the largest global network in Korea, broad customer bases encompassing individuals, companies and institutions, and differentiated digital competitiveness. The Group will do its best to fulfill social responsibilities in the finance sector for mutual growth of its society and to become the global leading financial group representing Asia.

Summary of sustainability strategy

“Financing is the Basis of Commerce”

This is the founding philosophy proposed 120 years ago by Daehancheonil Bank, the matrix and root of Woori Financial Group. It was the starting point of Woori Financial Group for our pledge to fulfill the responsibility and role of finance as the backbone of Korean economy for the healthy growth of nation and society.
Woori Financial Group united efforts with same goal and intention in diverse CSR activities. The Group supported various financial products for low incomers so that socially vulnerable groups can confidently play a role as members of the economics society; and supported special funds to aid stable business activities of SMEs of innovative growth and local small businesses, and to create jobs.

Woori Financial Group also promoted various CSR activities for beautiful coexistence with communities. Through the ‘Woori Bank Volunteer Group’ launched in 2007, around 900 nationwide branches have entered sisterhood relationships with social welfare centers or local childcare centers in the neighborhood to perform a close-contact type community voluntary service. Also, Woori Multicultural Scholarship Foundation was launched in 2012 to have set up the CSR system of coexistence with the community through multidimensional activities such as annual scholarship supports to children of multicultural families, and cultural and welfare supports to multicultural families.