Brief Overview of Organization
Zhejiang Anji Rural Commercial Bank Limited Corporation is also known as Anji Rural Commercial Bank. In December 2013, its system was transferred into a rural commercial bank by the Rural Credit Cooperative Association. Currently, the registered capital of the bank is currently at 679 million.
With 42 sub-branches and 700 employees, Zhejiang Anji Rural Commercial Bank has been the banking institution with the largest scale of loans, the most branches and the widest range of services in Anji county.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy
As a local corporate bank in the reform and innovation pilot zone of the national green finance, Zhejiang Anji Rural Commercial Bank has been on the forefront of sustainable development, together with the strategic goal of being an iconic bank of the green and inclusive finance. In 2016, Zhejiang Anji Rural Commercial Bank was renowned as the reform and innovation demonstration site of the green financial services in Huzhou city, when the Bank founded the first green business department among the local corporate institute of China. In 2017, a five-year development plan was developed and launched. By the end of 2020, in accordance with the Central Bank, the Bank had issued green loans worth 3960 million yuan, which occupied 17.1 percent of the total loans they offered. The green loans played a significant role in boosting the sustainable development of the local economy. As the China government proposed the goal of emission peak and carbon neutrality, and in order to live up to the bank’s social obligations, Zhejiang Anji Rural Commercial Bank published the construction and implementation plans of carbon neutral bank in 2021, taking the lead in initiating the construction of carbon neutral bank.