Company Profile
Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) is the leading universal bank in the Zurich region, geared to the domestic market and with an international relationship network. With total assets of CHF 76 billion, it is the largest of the cantonal banks and the third largest bank in Switzerland. Building on its extensive expertise in mortgage and credit business, it has developed very successfully into an investment and retirement-savings bank since 1995. ZKB is today one of the largest asset managers in Switzerland, with client assets of CHF 130 billion. As an independent institution incorporated under public law in the Canton of Zurich, its activities are protected by government guarantee. Standard & Poor’s gives its bonds and medium-term notes a top rating of AAA.

Zürcher Kantonalbank & Sustainability / CSR
Zurich Cantonal Bank sees sustainable development as one way of enhancing corporate value in the long term. In this respect, responsibility for sustainability is an integral part of corporate policy and a major driver in decision making. Its public mandate requires Zurich Cantonal Bank to support cantonal and local business enterprises, the local population, its clients, its staff and the environment. Since 2002 the bank’s Environmental Management System is certified according to ISO 14001. A Sustainability Committee with representatives from NGOs, local business and academia advises the bank on sustainability issues. The bank offers a wide range of environmental and sustainability financial products.

In 2001, Zurich Cantonal Bank was the first provider of financial services in Switzerland to publish an integrated environmental, social and financial report in the form of an annual report. Thus, our annual report also serves as a Sustainability report and gives a clear and comprehensive insight into our bank.

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