Geneva – UNEP FI’s Positive Impact Initiative (PI) is announcing the launch of two new Working Groups, where UNEP FI members, members of sister organizations and external stakeholders are working together to develop and test tools for holistic impact analysis:

  • Impact Frameworks for corporate finance and investments with unspecified use of funds: corporate financing is an essential but underexplored conduit of finance to impact. In this working group, financial institutions and relevant stakeholders are testing a PI Model Framework and comparing approaches to impact analysis on corporate debt and equity with a goal to drive harmonization, refine the Model Framework and complement it with case studies.
  • Identifying Significant Impacts in Bank Portfolios: a joint Working Group with UNEP FI’s Principles for Responsible Banking to help banks self-apply the PI approach, an important effort given the banking system’s preeminent role across economies and industries, and matching impact potential.

These Working Groups take forward the efforts of the Positive Impact Initiative to mainstream impact analysis and management, as keys to solving the SDG financing challenge.

They build on the Initiative’s recent innovative, hands-on tools for impact analysis and management:

  • The PI Impact Radar, which translates the SDGs into meaningful terms for business and finance.
  • The PI Model Frameworks, which provide guidance to apply holistic impact analysis across different financing products and asset classes, as a pragmatic application of PI’s Principles for Positive Impact Finance

Visit the Positive Impact Initiative web pages to learn more.