Chief Liquidity Series - Issue 2: Power Sector

The second issue of the Chief Liquidity Series focuses on the power sector, and specifically on thermal power and hydropower. The first part of the briefing goes into the technicalities of both types of power, whereas the second part – analogue to the first issue of the Chief Liquidity Series – outlines what the opportunities and challenges are for countries and regions that are facing economic and/or physical water stress. The Performance Indicators (PIs) at the end of the report provide useful information about water issues, which can be useful to loan officers, credit analysts, portfolio managers and ESG and CSR specialists dealing with clients in the power sector. Such information can be used for easier integration of water-related considerations in due diligence processes, engagement with clients in this sector, drafting of new policies, etc.The underlying reason is that water pressures and their implications for business and finance generally manifest locally and vary considerably from sector to sector and geography to geography. Subsections:

Published: 2010 | by: UNEP FI

Chief Liquidity Series – Issue 2: Power Sector (2.6 MB | 64 pages)