Chief Liquidity Series – Issue 3: Extractive Industries

The third issue of the Chief Liquidity Series focuses on a number of sub-sectors within the broader extractive sector. The first part of the briefing displays how water risks may manifest themselves in different types of extractive sub-sectors and how this in turn could affect the finance sector. Within the realm of this publication we focused on the following sub-sectors: coal, seam gas, precious metals, oil sands and base metals. The second part of the briefing explores the challenges that the extractive sector is facing in countries that are water stressed. In this publication we focus on Australia, Brazil, Canada, China and South Africa. Every country chapter has case studies that detail challenges and potential solutions in practice. Risk indicators are provided at the end of the publication to allow banks, investors and others to use these in dealing with their clients in this sector. Whether it is used in engagement procedures, to build a credit or lending policy on water or a sector policy on mining or oil and gas, we believe this information is supportive. Subsections:

Published: 2012 | by: UNEP FI

Chief Liquidity Series – Issue 3: Extractive Industries (3.3MB | 68 pages)