Over 250 investors responsible for the management of funds the size of US GDP call for policies to unlock low-carbon growth and avoid economic devastation. The world’s largest global investors have a powerful message for world governments and climate negotiators in Cancun: take action now in the fight against global warming or risk economic disruptions far more severe than the recent financial crisis. Investors released the statement, which was facilitated by the UNEP FI Climate Change Working Group and Partners, calling for national and international policies that will spur private investment into low-carbon growth and protect the world economy from the worst impacts of climate change. Signatories include both global players like UNEP FI Signatories Allianz and HSBC as well as many smaller institutions from developed and developing countries. This is the largest-ever group of investors to call for government action on climate change. “We cannot drag our feet on the issue of global climate change,” said Barbara Krumsiek, Chair of the UNEP FI and CEO of US-based investment firm Calvert Investments. “Calvert is deeply concerned about the devastating impacts climate change – if left unaddressed – will have on the global economy. Based on the Stern Report, we know these impacts could reach global GDP cuts of an unimaginable 20% per year. Why should we take that risk? The solutions are quickly emerging and we must deploy these solutions to help secure the innovation and sustainable growth our economies need.” Press release. Versions: Spanish Portuguese
Published: 2010 | by: IIGCC, INCR, IGCC, UNEP FI, UNPRI

Global Investor Statement on Climate Change (304 KB | 10 pages)