Commissioned by the UN-convened Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance and the European Climate Foundation, the One Earth Climate Model (OECM) provides a much-needed roadmap for sectoral decarbonization. By clearly defining scope 3 emissions, while avoiding double-counting, the model and the latest results offer detailed and standardised net-zero pathways for 12 industry sectors.

This ground-breaking research, led by the Associate Professor Sven Teske from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), gives investors an opportunity to evaluate their relative alignment with a net-zero transition in the real economy and to ultimately align their investment decisions with the latest science.

Investors should make full use of the report (including key results of the Global OECM 1.5 °C Pathway and comparison with IEA Net-Zero by 2050), the booklet (explaining the rationale, assumptions and results step by step), and the datasets behind the model. 

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