Tread lightly

In this report, the Natural Value Initiative (NVI) reviews 30 companies in the mining and oil and gas sectors with total market capitalisation of £1,638 billion (US$ 2,545 billion, Euro 1,900 billion) on how these companies address biodiversity and ecosystem services within their own organization. The survey supports and extends one conducted by Insight Investment and Fauna & Flora International in 2005. It evaluates progress made by the sectors in addressing the issue of biodiversity, responding to emerging thinking on ecosystem services and developing robust systems to manage risk and realise opportunity associated with these issues. The report outlines company responses, identifies strengths and areas of common weakness, makes recommendations for improvement and offers further actions for investors, government and the industry. It is these suggestions for improvement that the investors involved in this study are using in their ongoing dialogue with companies identified as underperforming within the analysis.
Published: 2011 | by: Fauna & Flora International, VBDO, Nyenrode, UNEP FI

Tread lightly (3.4 MB | 96 pages)