The Good Growth Partnership convenes a wide range of stakeholders and initiatives throughout soy, beef and palm oil supply chains to reduce deforestation and enable sustainable development. Since its inception in 2017, the Good Growth Partnership has brought together a growing coalition of committed changemakers to achieve greater results throughout its focal commodity supply chains and landscapes. This alliance has enabled efficiency, avoided overlap and allowed each partner to work to their strengths while simultaneously connecting the dots and layers that influence sustainability throughout the entire supply chain. Instead of treating production, demand and investment interventions as separate tracks, the Good Growth Partnership looks at where the layers of the supply chain integrate and overlap to enhance financial incentives and demand for sustainably produced agricultural commodities.

Alongside IFC,UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative is contributing to the transactions project, working closely with banks and helping to make sustainable financing more accessible for businesses and farmers who require additional capital to invest in more environmentally sound practices.

The Year Two Highlights report details the progress made to date and is a testament to how each partner organization has come together as an integrated force for change. Download the report here.

Find more information on the Good Growth Partnership website here.

Watch a video from the Good Growth Partnership Launch in September 2017 here.