UNEP FI’s TCFD programme is launching a Comprehensive Good Practice Guide to Climate Stress Testing. The report aims to provide a detailed user guide for financial institutions looking to understand the climate stress testing and develop plans for effectively executing them. The guide covers emerging stress testing requirements from the latest exercises. It features detailed good practices on climate stress testing including on the teams and skills required, the data needed, the scenarios and models to use, and the application of outputs.

This webinar will cover five major content areas from the report:

  • Emerging climate stress testing requirements and the landscape of test structures;
  • Best practices for climate stress testing team organisation and the skills required;
  • Best practices for climate stress testing data requirements and collection;
  • Best practices for selecting the scenarios and models to use in climate stress testing; and
  • Best practices for how climate stress testing outputs can and should be applied to meet regulatory requirements and produce useful internal insights.


  • Remco Fischer, Climate Lead, UNEP FI
  • David Carlin, TCFD Programme Lead, UNEP FI
  • Maheen Arshad, Consultant, TCFD Programme, UNEP FI
  • Vincent Noinville, Independent Expert

Watch recording here