The second annual progress report from the Porfolio Decarbonization Coalition (PDC), provides an introduction to the coalition and an overview of the decarbonization approaches and strategies of its members. It reflects on the experiences of members, and offers suggestions on how governments, investors and the PDC can accelerate the process of portfolio decarbonization in ways that support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Over the past year, PDC’s members have made significant progress in implementing their decarbonization commitments. For example, seventeen now have formal decarbonization related objectives and targets covering some or all of their investment portfolios. All twenty-seven have started to take substantive action to decarbonize their investment portfolios and have adopted a variety of approaches, ranging from engagement to divestment.

Published: 2015 | by: UNEPFI, CDP

From disclosure to action: PDC annual report (1.8 MB | 50 pages)