This webcast marks the publication of a joint GARP/UNEPFI report, ‘Steering the Ship: Creating Board-Level Climate Dashboards for Banks’. Hear from the report’s authors and contributing practitioners on how a climate and sustainability dashboard can bring decision-useful information to bank boards.

Boards play a critical role in steering their companies through an increasingly complex climate and sustainability landscape. For banks, there are many challenges. Beyond ensuring that their own physical operations are resilient and on a path to carbon neutrality, they must engage with their counterparties, support their transition to a net-zero economy, and assist them to build their physical resilience.

This publication provides banks with a framework for establishing a board-level climate dashboard that can be used to report decision-useful climate information and metrics to boards. It has been formulated based on a survey, interviews, and a climate dashboard workshop with 50 financial institutions.

This session will cover:

  • The ‘what, why and how’ of creating a decision-useful dashboard for a board
  • How to structure the dashboard and the types of information that are suitable for inclusion
  • Some of the challenges banks are currently facing in creating these dashboards.


  • David Carlin, TCFD Program Lead, UNEP FI
  • Dr. Maxine Nelson, Senior Vice President, GARP Risk Institute
  • Jo Paisley, President, GARP Risk Institute