As the impacts of climate change become increasingly apparent, the demand for robust climate data has surged among stakeholders, including financial institutions, market participants, and regulators. Data is crucial for conducting comprehensive climate risk assessments, improving reporting and disclosure quality, and emphasising effective climate mitigation and adaptation strategies. The path forward features significant hurdles, notably in data availability, quality, comparability, and timeliness, compounded by the high costs of data acquisition, and these challenges ultimately hinder effective climate risk and opportunity assessments, showcasing the need for accessible and reliable climate data. This latest report explores the challenges that companies, including financial institutions, could encounter concerning their management of critical climate data.  

It is a technical supplement to UNEP FI’s renowned annual Climate Risk Landscape Report which serves as a comprehensive resource delving into the available tools for financial institutions to assess physical and transition climate risks and boost their institution’s resilience to related impacts. 

This report has been produced by UNEP FI’s Risk Centre. Find out more about this new virtual hub that is integrating resources to help UNEP FI’s members tackle sustainability risks.