A partner coalition made of the FAIRR Initiative, WWF US, UNEP FI, Planet Tracker and the World Benchmarking Alliance started a Collaborative Investor Engagement to encourage major seafood companies to develop and implement full-chain, digital and interoperable traceability systems. Such traceability systems are used as a means of identifying and addressing key environmental and social risks – such as illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, overfishing, habitat conversion and human rights issues – and unlocking sustainable opportunities.


  • Introductory remarks and overview of the Seafood Traceability Engagement by Jo Raven, Director of Thematic Research & Corporate Innovation at the FAIRR Initiative
  • Expert panel moderated by Helen Packer, lead of the Seafood Stewardship Index at the World Benchmarking Alliance. Speakers include:
    • Mark Richardson, Director of Market Data and Systems Transparency for the WWF-US Ocean Markets & Finance team
    • François Mosnier, Head of the Oceans Programme at Planet Tracker
    • Greg Brown, Executive Director at the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST)
    • Cynthia Asaf, Chief Operating Officer at Pacifical
  • Audience Q&A
  • Closing remarks