Blue Finance

Blue Finance, Nature, News | 16 March 2022

ESG Explainer: The Blue Economy (ESG Investor)

With the global economy heavily reliant on ocean health, a sustainable future is paramount. This article gives an overview of the scale of the problem, and highlights how Financial institutions can take action to transition sectors such as shipping and seafood transition to sustainable practices.  It gives an overview of available innovations, guidance, principles for financial institutons to ensure that investment, underwriting and lending activities are aligned to a positive future for the marine environment.

Blue Finance, Nature, Pollution & Circular Economy, Publications | 03 March 2022

Diving Deep: Finance, Ocean Pollution and Coastal Resilience

A science-based, actionable toolkit for banks, insurers and investors to align  decision-making with a sustainable blue economy. The Diving Deep Guidance helps financial institutions to break the pollution cycle, including plastics and other solid waste, and manage the impacts of coastal infrastructure projects such as seawalls, while exploring the potential of nature-based solutions including mangroves and reefs. Featuring inspirational photographs by Cristina Mittermeier.