As economic, political, and environmental challenges strain families and businesses worldwide, the importance of financial health and inclusion has become increasingly evident for sustainable development. Financial institutions, as stewards of their customers’ financial well-being, bear a crucial responsibility in promoting and fostering financial health and inclusion. Recognising this, a Working Group of 27 Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) signatories and leading experts and organisations on financial well-being, has developed the new PRB guidance titled, “Driving Impact on Financial Health and Inclusion: From Setting Targets to Implementation”.

This new guidance creates common definitions for Financial Health and Inclusion, proposes a Pathway to Impact, and offers standard indicators and methodologies for strategy development and implementation. It provides financial institutions with practical tools to set impactful targets and create robust strategies to promote financial well-being, and tailor action plans to meet the unique needs of individuals and businesses, ultimately contributing to poverty alleviation and the creation of healthier, more inclusive economies. Through this concerted effort, financial institutions can play a pivotal role in enhancing the financial well-being of their customers and fostering sustainable development globally. Download the guidance to learn more.