The Guidance on Gender Equality Target Setting delivers a practical example of what a gender equality target can look like, providing guidance on the different elements of setting targets in line with the requirements of the Principles for Responsible Banking, and what alignment with international and national frameworks can look like.


About the Guidance

Setting clear and specific targets for the advancement of gender equality will enable banks to make substantial contributions to the equality of women in our societies. It also presents an opportunity for banks to align their portfolios with society’s goals as set out in international frameworks such as the Beijing Declaration and Sustainable Development Goal 5 (gender equality) as well as national or regional frameworks that may provide more details of a country’s goals and strategy for contributing to, and advancing, gender equality.

In addition to providing a practical example of how to set a target in retail banking, the document concludes with guidance on measures your bank can put in place in order to ensure that gender-sensitive practices and processes are embedded within the organisation.

The Guidance is the culmination of several sub-group discussions and knowledge sharing sessions provided by a team of gender experts from the Financial Alliance for Women, UN Women and Incredible Impact, as part of the UN’s Principles for Responsible Banking working group on gender equality.