To coincide with the fourth anniversary of the Principles for Responsible Banking, the second biennial progress report, “Responsible Banking: Towards Real-world Impact”, has been released. The report provides a status update of the progress made by over 200 signatory banks in implementing the Principles using data from first, second and third year reports. It also includes an independent view from the Civil Society Advisory Body (CSAB) which is mandated to support signatory banks implement the Principles and assess progress. The input from the 12 CSAB members represents stakeholders from across the regions and key sustainability areas. 

The report highlights the key achievements of member banks in integrating sustainability considerations such as climate change mitigation into their strategies, transforming governance structures, understanding their impacts better, setting targets, and developing innovative products and risk management approaches. 

Download the report above to read it in full. The next progress report is expected to be released in 2025. 

For more information on the Principles for Responsible Banking, read a full year 4 update, including a summary factsheet of the second progress report here.