Important United Nations-convened global public policy processes and frameworks on sustainable development will culminate this year. These include the Post-2015 UN Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (March), the UN Sustainable Development Goals (September), and a global climate change agreement to be decided under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (December).

The PSI recognises the insurance industry’s roles as risk managers, risk carriers and institutional investors in contributing to environmental, social and economic sustainability. As the largest collaborative initiative between the UN and the insurance industry, the PSI will be carrying out initiatives that support the aims of these UN global frameworks. These can include global insurance industry statements of support, and voluntary commitments that support the transition to economies that are low-emission, resource-efficient and socially inclusive, and climate and disaster-resilient.

For example, the PSI Initiative is now shaping its contribution to the Post-2015 UN Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, following up on the PSI Initiative’s work last year supporting the UN’s disaster resilience agenda.