UNEP FI 한국그룹은 한국에 소재하고 있는 모든 UNEP FI 회원들로 구성되어 있습니다한국그룹은 회원사들이 함께 모여 지속가능성 관련 이슈들을 논의하고 활동하는데 필요한 장을 제공하고 있습니다또한 지속가능금융의 활성화를 위해 비회원 금융기관들을 위한 활동도 펼쳐나가고 있습니다.

The Korea Group consists of all UNEP FI members based in South Korea. The Group provides a forum for South Korean members to work together and address some country-specific sustainability priorities and gaps. It also serves to reach out to non-member financial institutions in South Korea.

Korea Group webpages in Korean
  1. UNEP FI 소개(About UNEP FI)
  2. UNEP FI 활동 내용(UNEP FI Activities)
  3. UNEP FI Korea Group 소개 (Korea Group Members)
  4. UNEP FI Korea Group 활동 내용 (Korea Group Activities)
  5. UNEP FI Korea Group 뉴스레터 (Newsletter) – Korea Group newsletters introduce the latest sustainable finance development and UNEP FI activities to the South Korean financial sector.
  • DGB금융그룹 (DGB Financial Group)
  • DB손해보험 (Dongbu Insurance)
  • 현대해상 (Hyundai Marine and Fire Insurance Co. Ltd.)
  • 신한금융지주회사 (Shinhan Financial Group)
  • 삼성화재 (Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.)
  • 하나금융그룹 (Hana Financial Group)
  • KB금융그룹 (KB Financial Group)
  • 한국자산신탁 (Korea Asset In Trust)
  • 우리금융그룹 (Woori Financial Group)
  • 신한생명 (Shinhan Life Insurance)
  • 삼성생명 (Samsung Life Insurance)
  • IBK기업은행 (Industrial Bank of Korea)
  • 농협금융그룹 (Nonghyup Financial Group)
  • 한화생명 (Hanwha Life Insurance)
Supporting Institutions
  • 한국사회책임투자포럼 (Korea Sustainability Investing Forum)
  • 금융감독원 (Financial Supervisory Service)
  • 한국환경산업기술원 (Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institution)
Organizations with MOU
  • 국회예산정책처 (National Assembly Budget Office)
  • 한국환경산업기술원 (Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute)

연락처: 임대웅 한국대표, Dae-Woong Lim, dae-woong.lim@un.org, +82 10 3211 0430