Mining and metals are some of the world’s most carbon-intensive sectors, and growing demand for electronics and modern goods has led to an increase in metals and minerals production. Mining activities also lead to various other damaging environmental and social impacts through soil, water and air pollution. However, the metals and mining sector has a crucial role to play in the transition to a low-carbon global economy. This transition brings significant physical and transition climate risks and opportunities outlined in this brief. 

Designed for banks, insurers, investors, and their clients, this report provides a baseline understanding of the key physical and transition climate-related risks faced by the mining and metals sector. It aims at empowering finance professionals to integrate their own risks and those of their clients into their institution’s strategy and operations through case studies and risk management recommendations for each risk identified. By helping firms mitigate risks and reduce their financed emissions, this brief can also support financial institutions to meet their net-zero commitments.  

This brief is part of a series covering the following major economic sectors and their associated physical and transition climate risks. All these resources are part of the UNEP FI Risk Centre which helps members take an integrated approach to sustainability risks and aims to accelerate the move a sustainable financial and economic system.