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Publications from UNEP FI's work programme and regional activities.

  • Banking - concerns and solutions for the banking sector.
  • Climate Change - renewable energy, emissions trading, sustainable energy, and climate change and the financial services industry.
  • Insurance - concerns and solutions for the insurance sector.
  • Investment - materiality of environmental, social, and corporate governance issues; about the Asset Management Working Group.
  • Property - concerns and solutions for the real estate sector.
  • Sustainability Reporting - Sustainability Management Reporting
  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services - Biodiversity and business benefits
  • Human Rights and Finance - Human rights risks, prevention and mitigation in finance operations
  • Finance and Conflict - conflict related risks; conflict prevention and mitigation.
  • Water - risks of water scarcity; mitigation of risks.
  • Africa - sustainability banking in Africa; about the African and Middle East Task Force.
  • Asia Pacific - publications from Asia Pacific and Australia.
  • Europe - reports from the European Task Force
  • Latin America - about the Latin American Task Force.
  • North America - about the North American Task Force; benefits of joining.
  • About UNEP FI - introductions to working groups and task forces; UNEP FI overview.
  • UNEP FI Publications in Asian Languages

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Hard Copies

For information about hard copies of any UNEP FI publications, contact the UNEP FI Secretariat (email: info [at] unepfi.org).


Featured Publications
  PDF Investor Briefing - Portfolio Carbon
(4.9 MB | 40 pages)
  A briefing on why and how investors should meausre, disclose, and manage the GHG embedded in investments and portfolios.  
  PDF The Principles for Sustainable Insurance
(889 KB | 18 pages)
  A set of Principles that aim to serve as the global framework for insurance companies to better manage environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities in their core business strategies and operations.
English, Portuguese
  PDF Natural Capital Declaration
(397 KB | 6 pages)
  A commitment by the finance sector to integrate natural capital criteria into their products and services  
  PDF UNEP FI Guide to Banking & Sustainability
(3.7 MB | 40 pages)
  Understanding and Implementing Sustainability in your Bank based on the UNEP Statement of Commitment by Financial Institutions on Sustainable Development  
  MoreAll Publications  
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