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Publications from UNEP FI's work programme and regional activities.


Hard Copies

For information about hard copies of any UNEP FI publications, contact the UNEP FI Secretariat (email: info [at] unepfi.org).


Featured Publications
  PDF ERISC Phase II: How food prices link environmental constraints to sovereign credit risk
(2.3 MB | 28 pages)
  Environmental Risk Integration in Sovereign Credit Analysis  
  PDF UNEP FI Overview 2015
(4.7 MB | 28 pages)
  Round-up and analysis of UNEP FI activities in 2015
Korean version
  PDF Sustainable Real Estate Investment
(6.6 MB | 70 pages)
  Implementing the Paris climate agreement: an action framework
Executive summary
  PDF Banks and Human Rights: A Legal Analysis
(833 KB | 62 pages)
  Examining banking and human rights from a UN Guiding Principles, hard law and soft law perspective  
  PDF Climate strategies and metrics
(4.5 MB | 81 pages)
  Exploring Options for Institutional Investors  
  PDF From disclosure to action: PDC annual report
(1.8 MB | 50 pages)
  PDF Towards including natural resource risks in cost of capital
(6.3 MB | 54 pages)
  State of play and the way forward  
  PDF Business unusual: Why the climate is changing the rules for our cities and SMEs
(3.5 MB | 29 pages)
  Showcases how cities and SMEs are building resilience to climate risks
French version
  PDF Fiduciary duty in the 21st century
(14.5 MB | 88 pages)
  Aims to end the debate surrounding environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and fiduciary duty
Japanese version/summary
Portuguese summary
  PDF Stability & Sustainability in Banking Reform: Are Environmental Risks Missing in Basel III?
(1.9 MB | 40 pages)
  Analyses whether and how Basel III addresses systemic environmental risks.
Executive Briefing French Portuguese Spanish Japanese version
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