Fiduciary Duty in the 21st Century: UK and US Roadmaps

UNEP FI, PRI and The Generation Foundation published the US and the UK roadmaps to advance fiduciary investment practice in two major pension markets. The roadmaps support a regulatory framework that reflects the modern interpretation of fiduciary duty; an interpretation which requires investors to consider long-term value drivers, of which ESG factors are a core […]


Guide to Banking and Sustainability – Edition 2

The Guide to Banking and Sustainability (“Guide”) is a highlevel, functional overview of what a sustainable bank looks like from inside and to the outside. Who and what is it meant for? The Guide is first and foremost a tool for banking practitioners themselves. It is meant as an awareness-raising, integration and outreach tool for: […]

SSE 2016 Report on Progress.

With 59 exchanges partnering with the SSE initiative, over 70% of listed equity markets have made a public commitment to advancing sustainability in their market.