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Banking, Climate Change, Net Zero Banking, Publications | 17 May 2024

Supporting Notes for the Guidelines for Climate Target Setting – Version 2

The 'Supporting Notes for Version 2 of the Guidelines for Climate Target Setting' offer clarification on several aspects of the 'Guidelines for Climate Target Setting for Banks - Version 2' which Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA) member banks voted to adopt in March 2024. The updated version of the guidelines has applied to all new targets and any new iterations of existing targets set by NZBA member banks since 22 April 2024.

Banking, Climate Change, Events, Net Zero Banking, Principles for Responsible Banking, Webinars | 13 March 2024

Understanding Updates to the Guidelines for Climate Target Setting for Banks

Along with the NZBA Commitment Statement, the guidelines detail the commitment that each bank makes by being an NZBA member. NZBA member banks led a review of the guidelines from early 2023 to early 2024. Based on these consultations, NZBA sent a series of proposed updates to the membership in February 2024 that members voted to adopt. This webinar shared insights on the adopted updates.