The Investor Agenda brings together the UNEP Finance Initiative with six of its key strategic partners from around the globe to implement and promote actions that meet the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement and address the climate challenge.

Asia Investor Group on Climate ChangeCDPCeresInvestor Group on Climate ChangeInstitutional Investors Group on Climate Change and the Principles for Responsible Investment launched this global platform with UNEP FI at the 2018 Investor Summit on Climate Risk on 31 January 2018 in New York.

Large institutional investors with highly diversified portfolios and long-term investment horizons are particularly concerned with the unprecedented challenge that climate change poses to the global economy. The Investor Agenda will help these investors to coordinate on policy and deliver strong, focused messages on climate change. The Agenda implements through four work areas:

  • Investment
  • Corporate engagement
  • Investor disclosure
  • Policy advocacy

High up on the Agenda are actions to report existing low carbon investments and commitments, phase out investments in coal, signing up collectively to initiatives such as ClimateAction100+ and improved disclosure of climate risks and opportunities through the TCFD framework.

Since its inception the investor Agenda has been known for its policy statement from Investors to World Governments released each year at COP. UNEP FI encourages all its members to contribute to and sign the statement. Below you can read the briefing paper and statement. Serve as a signatory by signing the statement here.

UNEP FI will play a central role, encouraging investors to take action creating opportunities for target-setting in line with international objectives and helping investors to improve climate-related financial disclosure through the TCFD pilot projects.

To find out more visit the Investor Agenda website.