Climate Change Course 2.0…. coming soon!

UNEP FI is updating its online course on Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for the Finance Sector. The new course will reflect the latest developments, including the implications of the Paris Agreement which came into force in 2016. The updated course will look at climate-related financial risks and opportunities, including topics such as physical and transition risks, mitigation, adaptation, the shift to a low-carbon, climate resilient economy for financial institutions, and emerging disclosure frameworks. This course is supported by CAF – Latin American Development Bank.

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UNEP FI’s Online Course on Climate Change: Risks & Opportunities for the Finance Sector

With record levels of greenhouse gas emissions in the last 4 years, and record levels of weather-related impacts, costs, and financial losses, it is clear that climate change is here to stay, and that its physical, political, economic, and financial implications will only sharpen in coming years and decades.

Responding to financial institutions’ need to weather the risks of climate change, and thrive on the opportunities, UNEP FI offers to financial professionals worldwide an Online Course aimed at equipping them with the necessary understanding.

Since its inception in 2007, the course has trained nearly 600 finance professionals from 75 countries in all continents.

The course aims to improve participants’ understanding across the following fields:

  • Why climate change is relevant to the financial services sector
  • The major financial risks and opportunities associated with climate change
  • The negotiation and decision making processes under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and other relevant international policy processes
  • The main voluntary and legislative/mandatory measures intended to combat climate change
  • The latest investment trends in clean energy
  • The financial risks and opportunities in emissions trading, in particular the flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol as well as the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)
  • Procedures related to Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project development

Target audience

Executives and middle management from financial institutions such as banks, insurers, re-insurers, and fund managers, from both developed and developing regions. Governments and civil society members interested in learning more about climate change from the perspective of the financial industry are also welcome.

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