This is the first time the Latin American Task Force convened a training workshop in the Caribbean, seeking to train analysts and sensitise managers across the region’s financial sector on how to identify and manage social and environmental risks and opportunities in their lending and investment operations. A carefully targeted group of some 20 risk managers from the region’s main banks and relevant stakeholders were trained on how to identify social and environmental risks. Following a feature address by Dr. The Hon Esther Byer-Suckoo MP, outgoing Minister with responsibility for the Environment, they were provided with examples of international best practice and hand-on exercises to help them design their own risk management systems for their respective institutions. The following day a small group of high-level Barbados FI representatives, including four CEOs of the country’s top six banks were addressed by the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Finance, the CEO of Island Heritage Insurance, and the Chair of the LATF, to stress the importance of mainstreaming the integration of environmental and social considerations in the local financial sector. These events were organised in collaboration with:

  • Environment Ministry of Barbados
  • Barbados Banking Association
  • Island Heritage Insurance



Speeches and Presentations

Training Workshop

CEO Breakfast

  • Special address (PDF: 154 KB)
    William Layne, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance
  • Opening Remarks (PDF: 153 KB)
    Rey Royer, Vice President and Country Head of RBC and Chair of The Barbados Sustainable Finance Task Force