Sustainability and global property portfolios

Workshop 22
23 October
Property investing is a multi-trillion dollar worldwide industry that can have profound positive or negative effects on environmental, social and cultural goals. The built environment produces around 40 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions; how should the trillions of dollars be invested so that the real estate industry will contribute its share to the overall global reductions of GHG emissions of 50 percent by 2050?
Responsible property investments (RPI) will play a major part in all future efforts to achieve more sustainable buildings. This session is going to highlight the business opportunities and examine the business case for sustainable property investments. The workshop will draw attention to the approach to RPI in South Africa. For the real estate and building industry to achieve ambitious targets on reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, there is a need for a global shift towards responsible global property portfolios and buildings. What is the status in the industry on this global shift and is the community currently creating new mechanisms for responsible finance? These are all topics and questions this session will delve into and offer best practice examples for.
Do not miss this opportunity to learn more about what investors are thinking and doing on the way towards more sustainable global property portfolios. All participants at the GB Convention are invited to join this session at no extra cost.



  • Paul McNamara – Director, Head of Research PRUPIM – Prudential