The PRB Commitment to Financial Health and Inclusion was launched in December 2021. It is first-of-its-kind commitment to promote universal financial inclusion and foster a banking sector that supports the financial health of customers.

The launch of the Commitment marks the start of a collective journey to accelerate action on financial health and inclusion, which is one of the top three sustainability challenges identified by signatory banks in October’s PRB Collective Progress Report, where banks identify that they can have the most impact.

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Globally, around 1.7 billion adults are without a bank account, which means they are unlikely to be able to save securely or to have access to emergency creditSuch inaccessibility to financial products and services makes it more challenging for them to be financially resilient in times of difficulty. It excludes people from opportunities to secure and maintain their standard of living and prevents them from taking steps to improve their financial health, such as long-term financial planning, access to credit and insurance

Driven by a working group of signatory banks of the Principles for Responsible Banking, the Commitment to Financial Health and Inclusion brings together a pioneering group of banks who take up a leadership role in accelerating action for universal financial inclusion and financial health of all individuals. 

Signatories to the Commitment are required to:

  • set targets that make a substantial contribution to the financial health and inclusion of societies within the first 18 months after signing
  • report within 18 months on financial health and inclusion targets, and annually thereafter on their progress

Committed signatory banks will also define common measurements of success and share current best practices and successful approaches to financial inclusion to see how they might be further improved and adopted more widely across the sector 

Read the full text to the Commitment to Financial Health and Inclusion.

Show leadership and take action

Become part of the future of banking that fosters inclusive societies founded on human dignity and equality. If your bank is interested in joining this leadership group, reach out to Laura Diaz.

An Post (1)
Debbie Byrne, Managing Director
An Post

“Earlier this year, we signed up to the UNEP Principles for Responsible Banking. We are committed to having a positive environmental and social impact, equality for all and creating everyday opportunities for consumers to live more sustainable lives. We are proud to have played an active part as Founding Signatories of the UNEP Commitment to Financial Health and Inclusion."

An Post 2
Debbie Byrne, Managing Director
An Post

“One of our core values is “being human about money” and we are launching later this month a range of digital money management tools to help our customers better manage their day to day finances. These tools include spend categorization, budgeting and personalised insights of customer spending patterns to enable you to budget for weekly, monthly and annually recurring expenditure as well as Jars functionality to put money aside for bigger purchases. We will continue to support the Government’s drive towards a more sustainable future for the country, helping customers with energy saving home retrofits through our Green Hub with low cost Green loans."

An Post (3)
Debbie Byrne, Managing Director
An Post

"We are delighted to be a founding signatory for UNEP Commitment to Financial Health and Inclusion and look forward to working with UNEP and those within the industry to help customers access financial services leveraging our unique human touch in every community throughout Ireland.”

Cipriano Lopez, VP of Innovation and Sustainability

“We [at Bancolombia] feel honored to join other banks worldwide that share our purpose to promote sustainable economic development for the wellbeing of everyone. Working together towards achieving universal financial inclusion and prioritizing the financial health of our customers and communities, are key actions to build better businesses and society.”

Bank of Industry
Olukayode Pitan, Managing Director and CEO
Bank of Industry

“We understand the importance of building a sustainable financial future that is inclusive and secure. Thus, we remain committed to channeling resources and making strategic investments to promote universal financial inclusion and improve the financial health of all.”

Bank of Ireland
Francesca McDonagh, Group CEO
Bank of Ireland

“I am delighted that Bank of Ireland will become one of the founding signatories to the UN’s Commitment to Financial Health and Inclusion. At Bank of Ireland, improving customer financial wellbeing and building an inclusive workplace are key pillars of our Responsible & Sustainable Business strategy. Through this strategy, and the actions we are taking, we are playing our part in a more sustainable world.”

Commercial International Bank
Dr. Dalia A. Kader, Chief Sustainability Officer
Commercial International Bank

“Enabling and empowering the most vulnerable segments of society to improve their livelihoods through fair and equitable access to financial services is on top of CIB’s agenda going forward.”

Erste Group
Ingo Bleier, Chief Corporates and Markets Officer
Erste Group

“At Erste Group we see it as our responsibility to help people, businesses and economies to be financially healthy. This has been part of our founding purpose more than 200 years ago and remains our vision for the future. We support financial literacy, help people to gain financial independence and businesses to strengthen their resilience. We are investing into our staff and technology to make sure that in the future everyone in our markets gets a chance for good financial health. Committing ourselves to follow the UNEP FI Financial Health and Inclusion Guidance is part of this effort.”

Pinar Abay, Board member

“People’s overall wellbeing is closely linked to how comfortable they are with their finances. Supporting our customers and communities with their financial health is at the heart of our company’s purpose to empower people. That’s why we’re proud to be a founding signatory of the Commitment to Financial Health and Inclusion.”

Suncorp Bank, Australia
Clive van Horen, CEO
Suncorp Bank, Australia

“We’re committed to the Principles and to continue establishing best practice financial wellbeing and resilience measures for our customers and communities in Australia.
As the only Australian bank in the PRB leadership group, we are looking forward to playing an integral role in strengthening the efforts and strategies of Australian banks to implement more inclusive banking options.”

Andrea Orcel, CEO

“At UniCredit we believe banks have a social responsibility that goes far beyond lending and providing financial services. We exist to have a positive impact in the communities we serve, and to support entrepreneurs, the young, and the most vulnerable to succeed now and in the future. We believe in action, not words. To that end, we have provided more than 348 million euros in loans to support social entrepreneurs and initiatives that will have a positive and meaningful social impact, and we have also supported more than 77 thousand students through financial education programmes and a further 20 thousand people through other learning initiatives. We are determined to do more. "

UniCredit (2)
Andrea Orcel, CEO

"We know that a strong, inclusive economy is better for all, and SMEs are an important part of this. During Covid-19, we have provided more than 30 billion euros of state guaranteed loans and more than 32.6 billion of moratoria since the start of the pandemic. We are extremely proud to be the first Italian bank to sign this collective commitment to financial health and inclusion, an important step in progressing towards a more sustainable, as well as a more inclusive and equitable, society in the long-term.”

Eric Usher, Head of UNEP FI
United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative

“The Principles provide an accountable framework for banks to collectively accelerate action and this is the first time that banks have come together in this way to further drive financial inclusion. By developing an effective and consistent approach, they will be able to establish a pathway of best practice for others to follow worldwide. Amidst rising global inequalities, exacerbated by COVID-19, this commitment recognises the critical role of financial intermediaries in facilitating inclusive societies founded on human dignity, which are necessary for achieving shared prosperity for both current and future generations.”


Akbank, Turkey 

An Post, Ireland 

Banco Hipotecario de El Salvador S.A., El Salvador 

Banco Pichincha, Ecuador 

Bancolombia, Colombia 

Bank of Industry, Nigeria 

Bank of Ireland Group, Ireland 

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), Spain 

Banco Compartamos, Mexico 

BNP Paribas, France 

CaixaBank, Spain 

Commercial International Bank (CIB), Egypt 

Coopeservidores, Costa Rica 

Credit Mutuel, France 

Desjardins Group, Canada 

De Volksbank, Netherlands 

Erste Group Bank AG, Austria 

Gatehouse Bank, United Kingdom 

Government Savings Bank, Thailand 

Industrial Bank of Korea, South Korea 

ING, Netherlands 

La Banque Postale, France 

Piraeus Financial Holdings, Greece 

Sovcombank, Russia 

Suncorp Bank, Australia 

UniCredit, Italy 

Vancouver City Savings Credit Union (Vancity), Canada 

Yapı ve Kredi Bankası, Turkey