The Individual feedback and review process is a key mechanism for providing implementation support to Principles for Responsible Banking signatories, and for upholding the credibility of each signatory’s commitment and the Principles as a whole.

Through this process the UNEP FI Secretariat will review each signatory’s reporting once a year, based on the requirements set out in official Principles for Responsible Banking framework documents (Key Steps to be Implemented by Signatories and Reporting and Self-Assessment Template), and provide feedback on the progress made, and recommendations on the next steps the bank can take on its implementation journey.

Download the overview to learn about the individual feedback meetings, scope and documents covered.

This accountability and support mechanism is key to upholding the credibility of each Signatory’s commitment, and the Principles as a whole, in line with Principle 6: Accountability

Download the Overview

Members’ Webinar: watch the information session held in August 2021 | Download the slides