Signatories are part of a unique international network of banks. Belonging offers the opportunity to collaborate with peers who share a commitment to the values of the Principles. It is a chance to learn from and with others on the same journey. Together the signatory banks are creating global best practices and standards.

Banks can follow the three-step process below to become a signatory. Non-banks can also signal their support for the Principles for Responsible Banking by becoming endorsers.

Become a signatory

Signatory banks commit to implementing the Principles within four years, reporting the progress annually. The initial reporting should be done maximum within 18 months from signing, ideally integrated into the bank’s annual report. The report must be in English and publicly available on the bank’s website. 

Your bank must take the following three steps to become a signatory:

1. Sign the Principles for Responsible Banking
Your bank’s CEO signs the PRB commitment statement – or the joint PRB and NZBA commitment statement if you are signing both simultaneously.
2. Become a UNEP Finance Initiative Member
Apply for UNEP FI membership to join a global network of hundreds of financial institutions, and gain access to a wide range of knowledge, tools, resources and expertise. 
3. Announce that your bank has joined
Publicly announce with a press release and quote from your CEO. Once you submit #1 and #2 to the Secretariat, you will receive more details and tools to assist you with this announcement.


Send these documents directly to the Secretariat. For more information, take a look at the 3 key steps for implementing the principles, our frequently asked questions.

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