In your bank’s existing reporting, describe how your bank is implementing the Principles for Responsible Banking. Provide an assured assessment of the progress that your bank is making.

Transparency and accountability are essential elements of the Principles for Responsible Banking. Therefore, public reporting of signatory banks’ targets, implementation and progress is an integral step within the framework of the Principles.

Signatories must:

  • Use the reporting and self-assessment template 
  • Show your progress on implementing the Principles and be transparent about your impacts and contributions
  • Assess if you are meeting the requirements and obtain assurance

Reporting needs to be in English. Read more about this step in the 3 key steps. Signatory banks can find training, peer learning and tools to help with this step in the Members Area, join a working group or browse the guidance on best practice on reporting and limited assurance.

You can also download here a Check List and an example to report Principle 2.

The reports which banks have already published are available online here.


Working groups of signatory banks worldwide have contributed to creating the below guidance, working with UNEP FI and other experts in the field.

Guidance on Reporting and Providing Limited Assurance

The Reporting Guidance supports signatories of the PRB with reporting on their implementation of the Principles. The Guidance for Assurance Providers: Providing Limited Assurance for Reporting aims at assisting assurance providers with undertaking limited assurance on PRB reporting, and at harmonizing the assurance approach and procedures for signatory banks.

Working Groups

Joining our working groups is a great opportunity for signatory banks to lead at the cutting-edge of responsible banking through developing practical guidance and pioneering tools with other pioneering banks.

Reporting: This Working Group published the Guidance on Reporting in March 2021, designed to help signatory banks on their PRB reporting requirements. This working group is now paused.

Assurance Providers: This Working Group published Guidance for Assurance Providers in May 2021 designed to assist assurance providers with undertaking limited assurance on PRB reporting and harmonize the assurance approach and procedures for signatory banks, thus fostering transparency and robustness in signatory disclosures.

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