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News, UNEP FI in the News | 18 January 2022

UNEP in Capital Monitor: Banks sharpen focus on financial education

With reporting on climate goals well under way, lenders are starting to develop targets for the social pillar of their ESG strategies. Financial inclusion and, increasingly, financial health are focus areas. So far, 28 banks have signed up to a new UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative to promote universal financial inclusion and health. Data collection is a key challenge in this area, and something banks such as ING are working on. With fintech firms and challenger banks making inroads in the sector, established lenders must innovate to stay relevant.

News, UNEP FI in the News | 08 December 2021

2021: a year of private finance stepping up sustainability action

The climate clock was ticking loudly in 2021. With every region of the globe impacted by climate change, expectations were high for COP26 which took place in Glasgow in November. The outcomes of the most anticipated climate conference since Paris were not as ambitious as required and left the goal of keeping global warming to 1.5C on life support. However, it came during a year when commitments to finance a net-zero economy were made by financial institutions from around the world – many of them from within the UNEP FI family.

News, UNEP FI in the News | 14 October 2020

UNEP FI in the Guardian: Top asset owners commit to big carbon emissions cuts

Thirty of the world’s largest asset owners, with portfolios worth a combined $5tn (£3.8tn), have committed to cutting the carbon emissions linked to companies they invest in by up to 29% within the next four years. Members of the UN-backed Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance – which includes Aviva, the Church of England and the $400bn US fund CalPERS – will each set decarbonisation targets for 2025 as part of wider efforts to align their portfolios with the Paris climate goals and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

News, UNEP FI in the News | 14 October 2020

UNEP FI in the Guardian: Mark Carney says banks should link executive pay to Paris climate goals

Former Bank of England governor Mark Carney has said banks should link executive pay to climate risk management, as part of efforts to align the finance industry with Paris climate goals. Speaking at the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative roundtable on Tuesday, the former central bank boss said lenders should – at the very least – be transparent over whether or not pay is being tied to climate targets.