Become a part of the future of banking

Both banks and non-banks can signal their support for the Principles for Responsible Banking. Banks can sign up to the Principles, and non-bank stakeholders can endorse them.

Why banks should sign up to the Principles

The banking industry has a vital part to play in shaping the future for people and planet society has set out in the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Principles for Responsible Banking is the most ambitious, robust and comprehensive movement for this change in the banking industry.

This innovative framework enables any bank, whatever its starting point, to align its business strategy with society’s goals – creating a new era of ‘responsible banking’. This strengthens trust and enables banks to seize new business opportunities.

Signatories are part of a unique international network of banks. Belonging offers the opportunity to collaborate with peers who share a commitment to the values of the Principles. It is a chance to learn from and with others on the same journey. Together the signatory banks are creating global best practices and standards.

Becoming a signatory

There are three steps to take to become a signatory:

  1. Sign the Principles for Responsible Banking. Your bank’s CEO signs the official Principles for Responsible Banking commitment document for Signatories.
  2. Become a UNEP Finance Initiative Member. Apply for UNEP Finance Initiative membership to join a global network of hundreds of financial institutions, and gain access to a wide range of knowledge, tools, resources and expertise.
  3. Announce that your bank has joined the Principles for Responsible Banking with a media announcement and quote from your CEO. Please coordinate with the Secretariat team to facilitate a joint announcement.

By signing up, banks commit to implementing the Principles within four years. Find out more about what is required of signatories.

We have produced an easy guide to becoming a signatory in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Get in touch to join and be part of the community leading the way towards a future for banking that makes the positive contribution to people and the planet that society expects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hear from two supporters of the Principles

Christiana Figueres
Former Lead of UN Climate Negotiations

Priya Mathur
Former CalPERS Board President 

See more videos and testimonials by bank CEOs.

Endorsing the Principles

Non-bank stakeholders can endorse the Principles by signing the letter of endorsement and sending it to the Secretariat.

By endorsing the Principles, your organisation can publicly demonstrate its commitment to a banking sector that aligns with the vision for society, people and planet described in the SDGs.

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  • FOR BANKS: The Principles provide banks with a vision linked to society’s goals, and a comprehensive framework for hardwiring sustainability into their DNA at all levels – strategic, portfolio and transactional – and across all business areas.
  • FOR THE BANKING INDUSTRY: The Principles define, shape and ultimately secure the banking industry’s role in the society and economy of the 21stcentury, and help the industry to demonstrate how it makes a positive contribution to society.
  • FOR THE WORLD: The Principles will accelerate the banking industry’s contribution to achieving society’s goals as expressed through the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.

Customers will see a bank that aligns with their values and contributes to their society and future. A bank that:

  • supports companies that make people’s lives better
  • provides products and services that help build an inclusive society that uses its natural resources sustainably.
  • They provide your bank with one comprehensive framework for effectively responding to today’s new sustainable development economy across your bank’s entire business – at all strategic, portfolio and transactional levels.
  • They enable your bank to seize emerging business opportunities in today’s sustainable development economy era, while at the same time enabling your bank to effectively and systematically identify and address related risks.
  • They promote trust in your bank and ensure that it remains not only relevant and competitive in this new era, but that it increases its value to those that it serves by demonstrating its alignment with today’s sustainable development economy. This includes responding to the evolving needs and rising expectations of clients, customers, employees, regulators and investors.
  • Providing your bank with direct access to expert knowledge, tools and resources as it continues to strengthen its positioning within the new sustainable development economy.
  • They are a win-win: they will improve the way you do business, position your bank to succeed in the changing economy and society of the 21st century, and with that benefit your shareholders.

Any bank at any stage in any context can become a signatory to the Principles. The Principles provide a clear path for aligning your business practices with society’s goals, regardless of your starting point.