Under the Principles for Responsible Banking, groups of banks come together to build robust and ambitious commitments to fast-track action on priority topics. Discover the latest commitments below.

Net-Zero Banking Alliance


PRB Collective Commitment to Climate Action

In advance of COP 26, a new climate commitment is in place under UNEP FI; the Net-Zero Banking Alliance, established in April 2021. This brings together over 80 banks, the majority of which are PRB signatories, which are committed to aligning their lending and investment portfolios with net-zero emissions by 2050, consistent with a maximum temperature rise of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels by 2100.


  This group of PRB banks are fast-tracking the commitment all Principles for Responsible Banking signatories have made to align their business strategy with the temperature goals of the Paris Agreement. This group were instrumental in drafting the Guidelines for Climate Target Setting for Banks. This commitment is consistent with net-zero emissions by 2065, equivalent to  a maximum temperature rise of well-below 2°C above pre-industrial levels by 2100.
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 Due to the increasing global ambition in this space, we encourage banks to join the Net-Zero Banking Alliance from 2021 onwards.