Sustainability leadership series of interviews: how the UN and insurance industry leaders are moving the sustainability needle
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World’s insurers and UNEP release progress update on pioneering initiative to enhance insurance industry’s assessment of climate change futures
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California Insurance Commissioner launches first-ever database of green insurance products
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Climate Smart Insurance Products Database
Pioneering sustainability guidance for global insurance industry launched at PSI-Swiss Re virtual event
Download new ESG guide for non-life
Global announcement on ESG guide
Download new report on spatial finance
Info on the PSI-Swiss Re virtual event series
UN, WWF and world’s insurers unite to launch first insurance industry guide to protect UNESCO World Heritage Sites
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California Insurance Commissioner Lara and UNEP announce first US sustainable insurance roadmap to reduce California’s climate risks
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UNEP, Oceana and insurers issue first-ever guidelines to combat pirate fishing
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First-ever insurance industry guide to manage ESG risks launched at UN-Allianz event
PSI-Allianz event outcomes
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